I spent my 30 year career as a social worker working in the non-profit sector while also serving as a volunteer foster parent, helping at-risk children find stability and permanency in their lives. As a director of large social service organizations, I balanced complex, multi-million dollar budgets with diverse funding streams. I worked to enact common sense policy that had a direct impact on the lives of the people I served. I worked on cutting edge, integrated behavioral health and primary care services that recognized the importance of both physical and mental health. I led a team that launched one of the first integrated, culturally appropriate health programs in Washington State. As a foster parent and as a professional, I managed child welfare programs and trained both professional and prospective parents about fostering.

I believe in the strength and resiliency of people when government strives for common sense policies that recognize the need for communities where people can thrive where they live, work and play.  After my retirement from social work, I translated my love for the outdoors and my knowledge of nonprofit management to become the part-time Executive Director of a local environmental organization, working to enhance and protect the beauty of our islands.  I am privileged to have worked beside dedicated and talented professionals. The importance of teamwork and collaboration has been important throughout my career.   

I have served as Island County Commissioner since 2018. As Commissioner, I committed to improving the lives of working families. I increased funding for housing assistance, championed worker protections and competitive wages, and supported our first responders with increased funding for the Island County Sheriff's office.

As the daughter of a Navy Veteran and granddaughter of a World War II veteran, the importance of supporting veterans and military families is deeply personal to me. I am proud to have increased Veteran Service Officers in Island County and delivered health and mental health support for those who have served. Serving the people of Island County has been an honor and I look forward to continue delivering real results for our community. 

My husband and I enjoy our blended family of birth kids, step-kids and foster kids. But it is our puppy Bogey, granddogs and grandkids that give us the most joy. I now recognize that the best part of parenting is becoming a grandma. You can find us enjoying our local county and state parks, playing tennis or on the water enjoying the bounty of our beautiful Salish Sea.

I bring to you respectful and experienced leadership that values community and people above all.  I bring my history of working collaboratively with other elected leaders at a state/federal level to deliver fair and effective public policy.  I offer to you that when we come together, with our shared values and a commitment to solutions, nothing will divide us in our efforts to strengthen and protect our communities.