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Janet St. Clair for State Senate

Photo of <p>Rick Larsen</p>

Rick Larsen

US Rep. wa-2

Photo of <p>Bob Ferguson</p>

Bob Ferguson

WA State Attorney General

Photo of <p>Andy Billig</p>

Andy Billig

Wa state senate majority leader

Photo of <p>Noel Frame</p>

Noel Frame

Wa state senator

Photo of <p>Marko Liias</p>

Marko Liias

WA state senator

Photo of <p>John Lovick</p>

John Lovick

Wa State SEnator

Photo of <p>June Robinson</p>

June Robinson

Wa state senator

Photo of <p>Rebecca Saldaña</p>

Rebecca Saldaña

WA State Senator

Photo of <p>Joe Nguyen</p>

Joe Nguyen

Wa State Senator

Photo of <p>Jamie Pedersen</p>

Jamie Pedersen

WA State Senator

Photo of <p>Lisa Wellman</p>

Lisa Wellman

WA State Senator

Photo of <p>Jane Fuller</p>

Jane Fuller

San Juan County Councilmember

Photo of <p>Megan Dunn</p>

Megan Dunn

Snohomish County Councilmember

Photo of <p>Leatta Dahloff</p>

Leatta Dahloff

Tumwater City Councilmember

Photo of <p>Diana Perez</p>

Diana Perez

Vancouver City Councilmember

Photo of <p>Georgia Gardner</p>

Georgia Gardner

Former WA State SEnator

Photo of <p>Mary Margaret Haugen</p>

Mary Margaret Haugen

Former WA State Senator

Photo of <p>Mona Das</p>

Mona Das

Former WA State Senator

Photo of <p>Susanna Johnson</p>

Susanna Johnson

Snohomish County Sheriff

Photo of <p>John Dean</p>

John Dean

Former Island County Commissioner

Photo of <p>Jamie Stephens</p>

Jamie Stephens

Former San Juan County Councilmember

Photo of <p>Rick Hughes</p>

Rick Hughes

Former San Juan County Councilmember

Photo of <p>Jeanne Kohl-Welles</p>

Jeanne Kohl-Welles

Former King County Councilmember

Photo of <p>Scott Chaplin</p>

Scott Chaplin

Former Langley Mayor

Photo of <p>Dianne White</p>

Dianne White

Former Stanwood Mayor

Photo of <p>Leonard Kelley</p>

Leonard Kelley

Former Stanwood Mayor

Photo of <p>Richard Brocksmith</p>

Richard Brocksmith

Mount VErnon City Councilmember

Photo of <p>Craig &amp; Susan Cyr</p>

Craig & Susan Cyr

Craig is a Langley City Councilmember

Photo of <p>Andrew Vander Stoep</p>

Andrew Vander Stoep

Mount VErnon City Councilmember

Photo of <p>Scott McMullen</p>

Scott McMullen

Former mount vernon city councilmember


Community Leaders

  • Charles Adkins

  • Cindy Lou Aillaud

  • Marti Anamosa

  • James Apa

  • Sherry Auer

  • David Bauermeister

  • Susan Rogers Berg

  • Paul Bigelow

  • Bob Bourdeau

  • Mona Campbell, Kristofferson Farm; Local Business Leader

  • Dave & Mavis Cauffman

  • Scott and Kathleen Chase

  • Meg Conway

  • Myrna Corcoran

  • Jennifer Corser

  • Julie Dean, Fmr Stanwood Camano School Board Member

  • James Deanne

  • Rose Dennis

  • Charles and Mary Dicker

  • Kim Drury

  • Greg Easton

  • Aurora Echo

  • Christina Elliott

  • Cindy Epps

  • Brandon Ericson, Camano Business Owner

  • Adriane Fain

  • Nairy Finn

  • Paul Foster, Local Business Leader

  • Nick Fowler

  • Tom Fox

  • John Graham 

  • Janet and Russell Harvey

  • Jackie Henderson

  • George Henny, CEO Whidbey Telecom

  • George Henry

  • Katheryn Howell

  • Merri Huffine

  • Linda Irvine

  • Cheryl Lawrence

  • John Leque

  • Laura Lewis

  • Rob King

  • Sally King

  • Nona Larson

  • Beverly Meadows-Lein

  • Barb and Linc Libby

  • Judith Lovelace

  • Perry Lovelace

  • Jessic McGready

  • Gary McIntyre

  • Don Meehan

  • Julie Melville

  • John Mishasek

  • Marco Morales

  • Rose Olsen, Community Volunteer

  • Rhonda Paulson, Community Leader

  • Janet Penny

  • Cary Petersen

  • Gary Piazzon

  • Luke Plambeck

  • Sarah Richards

  • Melody Risner

  • Joann Roomes

  • Lee Rosendaal

  • Madeline Rose

  • Amett Satin

  • Chuck Schufreider

  • Stephan Schwartz

  • Randy and Melanie Serroels

  • Betsy Shields

  • Diane Shiner

  • Kathy Shiner

  • Jim Sliker

  • John Stone

  • James Somers

  • Jane Spalding

  • Joann Strong

  • Ellen Suffern

  • Linda Talman

  • Susan Cohen Thompson, Camano Artist

  • Clay Thompson

  • Jan Treml, Community Leader

  • Linda Wehrman

  • “ska je tah lo” Lona Wilbur

  • Kim Williams, Former CEO of Providence

  • Karen Wilson

  • Frances Wood

*Title for identification purposes only, does not indicate endorsement from the organization

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