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Janet St. Clair's Top Priorities

Lowering costs for working families

Higher prices for gas, groceries, health care and housing – what are we to do? In the State Senate, I’ll work to make sure housing, healthcare and childcare are within reach.

Proudly pro-choice

Women’s freedom to make their own health care decisions are under attack at all levels of government. Unlike the incumbent, I’m proud to be 100% pro-choice and my commitment to abortion access and reproductive freedom will never waiver.

Access to healthcare & prescription drugs

I know how important access to healthcare is in rural communities and will never stop fighting to make sure these facilities remain open.

Protecting our air & water

I’m focused on making sure we have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

Supporting Law Enforcement

The fentanyl crisis is like nothing we’ve ever seen. In Olympia, I’ll work to provide resources to law enforcement and joint responders for compassionate, effective results.

Serving those who have served

 In Olympia, I’ll work hard to make sure the state does everything it can to help veterans.